About OlivesWA

The West Australian Olive Council Inc  is the peak body for the olive industry in Western Australia representing growers and producers across the state and over 1.5 million olive trees.    The West Australian Olive Council Inc adopted the term OlivesWA as its public “brand name”.

Role of OlivesWA

Olives WA plays a crucial role in supporting the olive industry by:

  • providing a central point of contact for the industry in WA for the dissemination information from national bodies and stakeholders, such as:            
    • Circulating information as to the activities and requirements of the Australian Olive Association, the national olive producers “Peak Body”.
    • Advising olive producers of Rural Industries Programs and Funding provided by the various State & National Government departments.
    • Horticultural information distributed by various bodies.
  • advocacy on behalf of the olive industry as the peak body in the state to ensure the Olive Growers of WA have their views and concerns heard at a state and national level;
  • promoting the WA olive industry by:
    • Organising & Managing a Western Australian olive producers website.
    • Organising the Perth Royal Olives Show Olive Oil  & Table Olive competition which gets excellent media attention for the Olive Industry
    • Working closely with the AOA and ensuring that Western Australia is included in all of their “Consumer Awareness” programs
  • co-ordinating educational and related activities to improve the quality of olive products, by liaising with external bodies, including the other State Olive Councils, for ideas and methods to improve the members operations;
  • working closely with the Australian Olive Association in supporting national initiatives such as the Consumer education program, National Code of practice for olive oil and table olives and identifying and championing Research and Development priorities;
  • co-ordinating bio-security actions when required; and
  • strengthening the olive industry network to contribute to a viable, sustainable olive industry in WA.  

The raising and management of funds to ensure that the above responsibilities can continue to assist the industry in Western Australia.


Currently chaired by Mr Chris Mercer (elected December 2013) the OlivesWA Board is composed of either the Presidents or a nominated representative from the committees of the Regional Associations and representatives from the Large Enterprise Groups (LEGS) in WA.  Chris Mercer (as President) is the WA Director on the national peak body, the Australian Olive Association, Committees

Executive Officer

A part-time Executive Officer provides the secretariat to the Council and supports the aims and objectives of the Council.

OlivesWA is currently funded from voluntary contributions from growers, processors and other industry supporters.   Growers currently contribute an amount proportional to the size of their grove. Some members join purely for the purpose of keeping in touch with activities in the olive industry. A number of events are held throughout the year on a cost recovery basis.

Membership Downloads

  • Download WAOC 2017-18 Membership form "here"
  • 'About WAOC' information sheet "here"
  • WAOC Constitution amended Sept 2012 "here"