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Great Southern Groves is a family owned and run company. They supply 'Tuscan Style' Extra Virgin Olive Oil and table olives grown, harvested and processed in the Great Southern region of WA. These can be found in many restaurant kitchens throughout Western Australia as well as your local gourmet grocer.  www.cooladerrafarm.com.au


A family owned Olive Grove located in Mount Barker Western Australia run on sustainable principles without the use of chemicals. The farm has been designed using a permaculture philosophy to create water harvesting and collection structures, enhanced by extensive plantings of Eucalyptus tree windbreaks. Olive trees were first planted in 2000 with 1500 Frantoio trees, a (renowned Tuscan variety) with a further 200 in 2005.   www.forestedgefarm.com.au


Located in the scenic Mount Barker region this 18-year old cool climate grove has a number of Tuscan olive varieties including Coratina, Correggiola, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and WA Mission. The award-winning olive oil is cold pressed on-site ensuring olive oils are of the highest quality. Email orders to sales@oliversthegoodoil.com.au.  Minimum quantities apply.  Contract processing and bottling services are also offered.  Ph 9310 5485  Mb 0419 902 127  sales@oliversthegoodoil.com.au


In 1998 3drops commenced the planting of 2000 olive trees, the main variety being Frantoio which seemed to particularly suit the Great Southern region. 3drops also has smaller plantings of Manzanillo, Nevadillo Blanco, Koroneiki and Pendolino. The 3drops olive grove thrives alongside the 3drops vineyard, on the family’s Mount Barker estate. The 2000 mature olive trees produce an extra virgin olive oil with distinctive cool climate characteristics. 3drops cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is herbaceous and fruity in character with persistent pungent flavours. Golden in colour, 3drops extra virgin olive oil is packed with antioxidants and destined to complement and accentuate fresh food flavours.  www.3drops.com


Nestled inbetween the Porongorups and the Stirling Ranges, Yaribelle Braes is a 23 hectare property that is family owned and run. Isabelle and Yari Okis planted the 1000 trees themselves and continue to care for them including all the pruning and harvesting by hand. Varieties grown are Frantoio, Kalamata, Koroneiki, Leccino, Pendolino and Picual.  Ph 9401 7981  Mb 0409 203 043


Situated in the beautiful south east coastal region near Esperance and the Recherché Archipelago, Yirri Grove enjoys a Mediterranean climate with clean air and very few environmental impacts. The soil is deep sandy loam over limestone and has an average rainfall of 600mm – Perfect conditions for growing olives of the varieties: Kalamata, Manzanillo, Frantoio and Barnea. The olives are handpicked, processed and bottled on the property.  https://yirrigrove.com/


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