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Olive oil production for Destiny Olives has been a family tradition that dates back to the early 1900s. Three generations of experience and knowledge along with modern processing machinery, enable them to produce premium oils and offer specialised contract processing. The processing plant has also been certified Organic and registered with NASAA ,which allows the processing of organic olives for oil. Pressing operations are located in Boyanup, WA’s south west region where Destiny Olives is also growing a range of new varieties of olives. A small bottling service is also available along with olive oil sales.  http://destinyolives.com    Mb 0428 232 000


A boutique grove of about 650 trees being managed according to traditional Greek methods. The grove was planted in 2010 with the olive varieties WA Mission, Koroneiki and Minerva, which are blended to produce high quality EVOO. A small number of kalamata trees for table olives are also planted.

Nicolas Tsokos  Ph 9731 6575  Mb 0411 494 919


Inspired be nature, Simple, Sustainable, Soulful. Hand crafted personal care products made with Western Australian olive oil.  www.facebook.com/greenbeingecostore/


Meneghello Estate is a family owned boutique olive grove nestled in the Margaret River Wine Region. The grove was first planted in 1999 and contains over 3,500 trees including Greek Kalamata, Tuscan Frantoio, Paragon and Correggiola varieties. The finest quality EVOO is produced by a high level of care with growing, harvest, processing, handling and storage of the olives and oil. Situated on 100 acres of picturesque hillside overlooking Geographe Bay, this property is also a perfect setting for events including weddings.  www.meneghelloestate.com


Moss Wood is a founding estate of the Margaret River wine region. As well as growing grapes for wine Clare & Keith Mugford planted olive trees in 1999 of the varieties Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Manzinillo, New Norcia and Kalamata. The oils combined from these trees produce a flavoursome and aromatic oil, which is very agreeable for “dipping”.  www.mosswood.com.au


Olio Bello Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is grown and pressed on a 320 acre property situated in the beautiful Margaret River region. The property is surrounded by dramatic natural beauty where olives thrive in an ideal Mediterranean climate and award winning olive oils reflect a long-term labour of love and commitment to sustainable agriculture and organic farming principles.  Olio Bello offers a dynamic tasting room, gourmet retail outlet, deli-line, beauty products, popular alfresco café, weddings and tours.  [-Farmgate sales-]  www.oliobello.com.au


A beautiful family-owned and family-run property between Yallingup and Dunsborough. Visitors can taste the farm-pressed olive oil as well as a range of gourmet items, cosmetics and body care. 

[-Farmgate sales-]  www.petraoliveoil.com.au


Preston Valley Grove is located 16 kms from Donnybrook in WA’s South West, produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as flavoured olive oils produced via the Agrumato method with estate grown herbs and citrus added to our olives at the time of processing to produce unparalleled taste and flavour. sales@prestonvalleygrove.com.au   www.prestonvalleygrove.com.au   


Rokewood Olive Grove is a family business on a farming property in Balingup in the south west. Steve and Janine Milton planted the 750 trees for the purposes of both olive oil and table olives. The olives are grown in pristine conditions without sprays and chemicals. The award-winning table olives are lovingly hand picked and naturally marinated in brine and red wine vinegar, containing no additives or preservatives.  www.rokewoodolives.com.au


Sherwood Springs is in the Geographe region of the south west of Western Australia—about a 2.5 hour drive from Perth.  The 100-hectare property in Mumballup was planted in 1999 with Franoio, Leccino, pendolino and Minerva. The farm continues a long tradition of being a family operation producing high quality products, with all aspects of grove management, harvesting and production handled by family members.  www.sherwoodsprings.com.au


Sathya Olive Company is a ‘Clean and Green’ property 160km south of Perth that utilises sustainable farming practises to produce high quality oils and olive products. Sathya Olive Company produce extra virgin olive oil, infused olive oil and pickled olives that exhibit a unique blend of Western and eastern touches. Varieties grown include Leccino, Frantoio, Mission, Coratina, Pendolino and Koroneiki.  www.sathyaoliveco.com



Dawn and Mark Quackenbush  Ph 96254 7777  Mb 0413 830 215


Tarnagulla Farm is located in the Blackwood River Valley near Balingup, adjacent to beautiful native forest. The olive grove is grown in  harmony with the natural environment and only organic, non-invasive methods are used. No chemical spraying occurs on the grove. Products include EVOO, table olives and wildflowers.  www.tarnagullafarm.com


Third Pillar is the business name of Blackwood Valley Olive Groves Pty Ltd , a company operated by the two groves Tarnagulla Farm (Balingup) and Redhill (Boyup Brook) each of which uses natural production methods. Third Pillar markets EVOO selected from the two groves and also sells online at Third Pillar. www.thirdpillar.com.au


Whirlwind Olives and Oil is a family-owned and run estate in the rolling vales of Margaret River. The majority of the olive trees were planted in 2000 and include the varieties WA Mission, Paragon, Kalamata and Californian Queen. A farmgate store sells a variety of products including EVOO and flavoured oils as well as their hand picked and naturally brined table olives.  [-Farmgate sales-]  www.whirlwindolives.com.au

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